Monday, February 3

my left-hand man

That was a pretty good cliffhanger I left you with, eh?

Yes, in a mere five months, I went from answering "How did you guys meet?" to "How's married life?" The first is much easier to answer...he rode a Harley with long salt and pepper curls to a coffee house and into my life. OK, we met online, BUT that is how we met in person. From then, we've spent most every day together until now, except that time I went to circus camp.

And that's how he became my Left-Hand Man. 

So many times love doesn't work out. And then it does. There was no flash of lightening, signaling trumpet or writing in the sky. I just knew he interested me and my interest did not wane. But this excited me so much I lost 10lbs in two weeks and woke up one morning to text my mom that I was going to marry this guy. Thankfully he agreed... over the phone, while returning ink cartridges to Target. I dare anyone to challenge his multi-tasking skills.

Falling in love with Left-Hand Man was like a quiet, but growing hum. It wasn't bells, whistles, or grand gestures. It was coming home. We had so much in common, it became redundant to express an opinion or preference. I found myself saying "me too" so often I worried he would think I was trying too hard. 

We have each lived quite a bit of life up to now; loved, lost, and left much of the arrogance of youth behind. It's the good time. I love his quiet, steady temperament; the way he prepares meals with special detail; and how he explains to his daughter that just because she is scared does not mean she isn't brave. And I still can't get over how spoiled I feel when he carries eight bags of food out of the grocery store while I carry none.



  1. So happy for you. Praying you will always find the magic.

  2. Congratulations my dear friend! I'm happy that you have found your left hand man--. I guess you won't be needing a wingman any more 😍

    He's a Lucky Man.

  3. So...happy for you!!! Looks like the left hand fits well and forever will be able the spread the sun tan lotion on evenly. So the sun can shine brightly on both of you without getting burnt. LOL!!

  4. I love how you tell your stories, tasha.