Friday, October 29

For yesterday's post, which was posted today, but written for Mañana Mama, please click here. Now, I have to go shovel horse poop.


post delay

Yes, I am aware that Thursday came and went without a post. And if it makes you feel better, I was nervous and clammy all night; as I'm sure you were too. Well, at the least the 5% of you that were aware; to the 95% that enjoy my blog, but could care less when things get posted, I hope you slept soundly.

It seems that even when you are the only one working, for yourself, you can still miss deadline. As I was writing this week's post, which I actually began on Monday, it occurred that the topic was made to fit on Mañana Mama, one of my favorite blogs, to which I had recently been invited to guest-post. And so, I put things into action, stopped the presses, made some calls, ran some numbers, pulled an all-nighter.....think Michael Keaton in The Paper.

Ok, not quite that bad, but I did have to write while babysitting a five-year-old, an inept multi-tasker's nightmare, especially when writing about material that just keeps coming.

But it was not for naught. Mañana Mama has accepted, and a new post in just around the soon as we get the press started and the children fed.