Thursday, November 15

one-handing it

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Ask The OneArmGirl, where I pretend someone asked me a question and then I answer it.

Today's question is: Can you ride a bicycle? Why yes I can, thanks for asking.

But people really do ask questions like this––I suppose, because they have never ridden a bicycle, or put on their pants, or opened a banana, etc, with one hand. It's reasonable, I guess; but then, who hasn't seen a person riding with no hands before?

And no, I can't do a one-handed cartwheel, even though I am well aware that it's possible. Which brings up the point that just because a person doesn't do something, doesn't mean he or she can't.

It used to be that if I were challenged to do something, I almost always felt I had to do it, mostly to prove a point. These days, I enjoy a surprising number of things that I cannot do. Drive in the Indianapolis 500, for example.

I've been mindful of alternative modes of transportation this week because I am without my car. The old girl suffered some damage when an unwitting driver backed into her at a stoplight. The good news: she's getting a completely new paint job for a very reasonable price. The bad news: it's been a bit dicey getting to aerial arts class and senior water aerobics at the Y this week. Thankfully, Mountain Guy rode in on his white toyota to save the day. I know, life is so hard for me.

Actually I've been achey, feverish and sore for several days since my first aerial class on Monday. With great doubt, I pulled myself up onto the swinging trapeze bar, something I'm sure I hadn't attempted since I was twelve. Yesterday, I could hardly straighten my elbow.

I was about twelve when my training wheels came off, and I learned to ride a bike with my dad who took me to a section of recently paved, but not yet opened, highway by our house. And the old adage about never forgetting is true, one arm or two. I have a bike sitting in my kitchen to this day, which I would be using right now, if I were more motivated. I've never learned to ride hands-free, after all.

But motivation can be over-rated.