Thursday, October 11

two water-related topics

I am freshly dried and back from senior water aerobics. I hadn't been to class in....a while. I'd been absent so long, in fact, that I'd completely forgotten whether I used a boogie board or a foam noodle for the abs workout. Senior moment, as they say.

It felt good to be back in the water. I am determined to get on a fall fitness program that will reduce belly fat and make me into the lean mean fighting machine I've always been, and will continue to be, in my head.

At the beginning of class, a nice older lady asked me if I was their instructor. I told her I was not, assuring her that Angela was far better than I would be. Then I felt very out of place in a pool full of senior citizens [OK, maybe there were two other younger women] that probably had better stamina than I did. It's a great burden looking so young and healthy. What's a misfit toy to do?

And speaking of a misfit, I took this photo in the airport restroom as evidence that soap dispensers can be discriminatory:

The spout is so long [looks shorter in the photo] it is impossible to push on the base while catching the soap from the end with one hand. Yes, I even tried grabbing the whole spout end in an effort to push the entire contraption down from that end.

There is no question, this dispenser was designed for two hand operation. It wouldn't be such a big deal [there are many things designed for two hand use], except that it could have easily been designed in a way that is friendly to one-handed users. It's a classic case of considering a problem from only one standpoint.

I should mention, at this point, that I am available for engineering consultations. My fees are very reasonable.
It's hard to get me angry, but after a ten hour day of flying and airports, this almost put me over the edge. I'm talking pure faucet rage, people. But anger is a sign of life, of the refusal to accept mediocrity. Let it out, I say.

Have you anything to rage about this week?