Thursday, April 11

vote for your favorite post

On Saturday I am going to do something I've never done before; I'm going to attend a writers' conference.

I heard about the conference at the memoir book release that I attended a few weeks back and, despite an almost immediate reaction of anxiety-induced nausea, I went home and registered.

My reasons are twofold. Well, three, if you count that I ought to attend at least one legitimate conference if I'm to call myself a writer. But firstly, I need friends that write. I need someone to call me up during the week and say, "Hey, you need to write today!"; and then be gracious enough to read what I've written. I figure a writers' conference might be a good place to meet someone like that.

Secondly, there will be agents at this conference, and I will have the opportunity to make a ten minute pitch for my memoir to one of them. You may find it strange that I am actually more nervous about the unstructured mingling that will be required, than sitting in front of one person and telling her why she should publish me.

To prepare, I've written a short synopsis of my manuscript, but right now I'm feeling most excited about the body of work collected over the past three years on this blog. I think I'll take one or two posts with me for moral support.

Sometimes a reader asks me if I have a favorite post. I definitely prefer some over others, but to be honest, I don't even remember many of them.

I'm curious, do you have a favorite post? I would really like to know. How 'bout you think about it while I practice bladder control for Saturday.

All you have to do is type the title of your favorite post in a comment below (or email me if you feel too exposed). If you also tell me why that post is your favorite, it'll make me smile. Let's take the weekend. After I tally the votes next week, I'll report my findings and repost the most popular.

Who knows, maybe it'll be in print one day...


Wednesday, April 10

hanging by a ribbon

Last week when Mom was here, I took her to my aerial arts class, and that is how I ended up with the following photo montage...

I know, I make it look easy.

I'm just not showing you the one of me getting tangled in the fabric, hanging by one foot, the rest of me lying on the ground; like I'm about to get drug down the main street of some old western town as an example to anyone else who might have a hankerin' for joining the circus. I suggested they put it in the next show.

But getting to see myself in action wasn't as disheartening as I'd imagined. I was actually quite encouraged. And I didn't get as sick this week as I have previously from the exertion. Maybe I won't give up my dreams just yet.

Like I'm even capable of that.