Thursday, June 13


It is hot here.

I know talking about the weather is a copout conversation gimmick, but it's not a bad excuse for why I've been laying around under the air conditioner, getting nothing done.

Keeping limber
And today I woke up with the inklings of a migraine that decided to stay for its usual unwelcome day-long visit. I am trying to explain to Keeper all my very credible reasons for not taking her on a walk, but she continues to look at me, wagging her tail hopefully.

Still, the show must go on. Literally, our aerial show is this Saturday. Surprisingly, I'm feeling pretty comfortable. Just two weeks ago, our piece was hardly a piece at all, and now we've done at least two runs through the whole thing. It's actually a show. It's always magical to see something like that finally come together, seemingly out of chaos.

We've retitled our piece, 'Délier,' which means 'untie' in French. Why? Because our dance is a study in the centrifugal forces of technology in society, working to further isolation of its individual members, leading to the weakening of the communal psyche. OK, actually it comes from one part of the dance where we help each other to untie a knot in the fabric; but far be it from me to squelch interpretation.

Excuse me for a moment...

OK, I'm back. Just had to wipe the sweat out of my underarms. I've definitely reached a new low in the history of this blog.

Can someone bring me an Arnold Palmer? On the rocks?