Thursday, December 8

ode to cold

It's that time of year again, when I'd sooner lose another arm than go to the mall. Actually, that's how I feel about the mall all year round.

We've had a cold snap lately which we caught from California when she sneezed in our direction. But I'm actually enjoying the cold. I like to imagine I live in a place where it's this cold all the time, and I wear boots and scarfs every day, and go to work on a dog sled. I'm certain a lot of people in cold places go to work on dog sleds. 

The only hiccup is I haven't much work to go to these days. Things have slowed at the farm significantly. The horses have been put away in the barn with blankets and heated water. And Carson the cat is most likely curled on the highest hay bale in the feed room.

What to do? There are only so many days Little Gen and I can go to Java Joe's and pretend that we are just taking a break from much more important napping. We've stopped in for three consecutive mornings so far this week and neither of us have that kind of money. They do make a mean raspberry scone...

Somewhere a little hand is cold.
I tried to drive to Santa Fe on Monday for an aerial fabrics class, but fifteen minutes down the highway, snow was packed on the road and the exit ramp was covered in ice. No need to risk my life driving so that I can risk my life climbing huge ribbons hanging from the ceiling, I decided. 

So, what did I do instead? Went to Java Joe's, of course.

At risk of stating the obvious, I should be working on the book. And I am. I actually opened up the first chapter for some polishing yesterday. I waded through, re-worded, cut and pasted. It was an arduous ten minutes, I tell you.

Then I went back to internet searching for the perfect red shoes to compliment a wool dress I recently spent too much money for. No luck so far, but when I find my shoes, it's all gonna be worth it. I'm gonna look amazing...for that one evening per year when I have reason to dress up.

I'm drinking more beer. Don't worry, it's just to keep warm.

At night, Little Gen and I sleep with our "boyfriends" to keep cozy. Three hundred and fifty thread count goose down comforters that don't mind warming our cold feet--best boyfriend a girl could ask for; a little light on conversation, though. 

"Hmphh," our mother says, "I don't know why you are sleeping with your boyfriends anyway. Why not your husbands?"

Little Gen and I look at each other. I mean, I want to get married, but he's got commitment issues...

I believe winter is for reading and drinking hot cider...only hot cider gives me a sugar high that makes me think someone is waiting behind doors to grab me. I'm trying to read, but the lack of instant gratification required by my generation makes sitting down with a book seem like too much work.

In fact, everything seems like too much work when it's cold. Removing my person from my bed in the morning is a challenge akin to climbing Everest, I'm sure.

Speaking of mountain climbing, this dude is training to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro with no arms or legs...

Photo courtesy of

Really? Putting your own pants on in the morning isn't challenge enough?

These days, I'm lucky if I get mine on by lunch time. I think I'll put off Everest for spring.