Thursday, August 9


Some time ago, I began to form a plan to attend the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

In the mean time, as one never seems to plan, life happened. At the beginning of this summer, everything was tentative, London 2012 included. I didn't know if I would have a job come Fall, my romantic relationship was on the rocks, and I wish there was a third thing to complete this triad, but in life, that was enough to turn future travel plans into just one spinning plate.

Interviewing fans, Athens 2004
But the plates have come down. Fortunately, I am no longer employed, not romantically attached, and if I had a dog, I'm sure it would be dead. And what does one do when one's life is reduced to a pile of rubble? Travel, of course.

And so, I'm going. London 2012 or bust.

I spent a semester in London when I was in college, and I covered the 2004 Paralympics in Greece as a broadcast journalist, so attending the Paralympics in London seems fitting.

I also experienced two of my worst episodes of illness in London and as a result of working the Paralympics, so I feel attending the London Games will be a small triumph. Of course, if I get sick again, not so much.

But my odds are good. I will not be working this time, aside from promoting OneArmGirl, which tends to happen much more naturally than any other work I've done. Mostly, I will be a spectator. Or, one may say, a writer.

The first time I experienced the Paralympics, it changed my life. And exactly what are the Paralympics you may be wondering halfway through this post? Kudos if you've hung in there.

The Paralympics immediately follow the Olympic Games, thus "para" or alongside the Olympics, and showcase top athletes from around the world with physical disabilities.

The real question is how I ever ended up there, being neither an athlete to speak of nor very much into sports in general. But I'm certainly glad I did. Attending the Athens Games started a journey of self-actualization for me. I've learned that just as I have a 'non-traditional' body type, I am a non-traditional athlete [true, this is mostly because I am into horseback acrobatics and dancing on hanging fabrics].

But that is only the beginning. It could even be argued that this very blog is a result of my coming into contact with the Paralympics.

So, what is the plan? Ha, ha, good one. As has become my custom of late, I have none. What I know is that I have a plane ticket to London at the beginning of September. What happens once I arrive remains to be seen. But I will be sure to keep you abreast of any developments.