Thursday, March 7

still here

Yes, I'm still here. Like I could stop writing for this blog--I've got things to prove, people. Quitting isn't in my vocabulary, though often times it should be.

It's been an encouraging week; I received many messages, comments, and verbal affirmations thanks to you, my faithful following. This forced me to begrudgingly admit that Mountain Guy may have been onto something; a very little something.

River trail
And amidst all the hubbub, OneArmGirl quietly slipped past the one hundred mark in Facebook 'likes.' It's been a long journey--thought we might never get past sixty-nine there for a while--but we made it. I realize in the world of Facebook, one hundred 'likes' is peanuts, but I was excited, almost embarrassingly so.

In other news, OneArmGirl got a media shout out this week. I was one of two armless interviewees featured in a UX Booth article by Andrew Zusman about keyboard accessibility. You can check out the story here. Spoiler alert, if you don't already know it, you will learn my real name.

So, now I feel pretty important. Maybe I'll quit this blog to pursue my dream job of one-arm consulting. But that might require me to travel. Never mind. I'm much too addicted to my desktop keyboard layout.

But it was travel that brought my dear friend of MaƱana Mama into town for a day this week. She was picking up her consulting husband from the airport, but had time to lunch with me and Little Gen--then pass away the afternoon reminiscing about our childhood and collecting her dry cleaning.

We did things that women in their early thirties find delightfully enjoyable, like have our cars cleaned. Then we put Keeper the dog in the car (to start the shedding process anew) and went down to the river for a walk. On the way home, we discussed how clubbing was so much less enjoyable than a 9 o'clock bedtime. It was missing that bedtime that, last night, found me climbing exhausted into bed without so much as a word typed for this post.

We writers must stick together for moral support. And we must absolutely have our sleep.