Thursday, April 24

pas de deux and war horses

We're a week out from show time and things are...going. But if you've ever been involved with the performing arts, you know that means you're pretty much right on track.

Found a hand
My pas de deux with Zach is turning out to be quite the jaw dropper. It's the last piece in the show and it's really good, if I do say so myself. Zach showed a rehearsal recording to his father, who said he is now coming to see me instead of Zach. That's the power of the one arm.

Sitting in the studio last night, watching Director Deb demonstrate some choreography, it occurred to me what a dream come true this really is; and what little girl doesn't dream of being lifted in the air by a man in spandex. It's right up there with a love of horses. Wait a second...

Turns out living your dreams also takes a lot of work, which explains the tardiness of today's post. When it rains, it pours trapeze and horses.

Speaking of, War Horse the show is coming to a local theater and our therapeutic riding outfit has been selected to bring a real horse to "meet" one of the wooden ones. If you just responded to that statement with a 'huh?', welcome to the club.

At this point, if a bunch of militants suddenly drop out of the wooden horse and siege on the city, I won't be surprised. Stranger things have happened.

Throw in some fabric dancing and it sounds like a great premise for the next aerial show.