Thursday, June 28


Things have slowed. Summer is here. We're topping off near 100 degrees every day. For those of you operating on Celsius, I don't know how that translates because I am too lazy to remember the equation. Yes, we Americans are very lazy all the time, especially in this heat. It's enough to make one forget the one language that one knows.

But it's true that yesterday I passed out for a three-hour siesta and I'm not sorry. Even though it means I am writing this post after it should have already been published. But I have a good excuse: after my nap, I had to run across town for a foot spa. Oh, never mind.

But for all the slowing down, my life seems to be speeding up. After three years at the farm, teaching women with autism to ride, it appears that I have worked myself out of a job. I introduced the farm to a local therapeutic riding program that needed a home, and the relationship has blossomed. This is a very good thing for both parties, and I think, for me too. But as of Saturday, I will be somewhat less employed. As Mountain Guy says: "I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more." Too early for a Bob Dylan reference?

So, hopefully, I will have more time and energy to put toward other things I care about, like writing about myself and playing on giant hanging ribbons. But seriously–-no, I was serious--I think I'm just gonna take a break and regroup. One can always use a regrouping from time to time.

Maybe I'll go to the upcoming tattoo festival and get inked. Yeah, probably not.

I do have some exciting travel plans in the works, but that will have to wait for next week...

I have to have something to keep you coming back, right?