Thursday, February 24

creature of comfort

Scratch the elephant and scooter, I just want to go to the spa.

In celebration of my slowly returning health, Little Gen and I decided to splurge and have both a manicure and pedicure, something unheard of in my usual existence. So we motored down to the newly opened Ocean salon, which had an oddly Japanese feel inside. Apparently, even Asian d├ęcor in other parts of Asia means Zen gardens. Finneas got the whole treatment and seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly; though I’ve decided Barbie doll pink may not be his color. 

Why two colors, you ask? Because I can. But now I’m hooked...I want the facial, deep hair conditioning, head massage, and whatever else I can fit into the next week. Some come to the third world to experience poverty; I come for the bikini wax. Actually, in that particular department, I find the gain not worth the pain. I’m really not a spa junkie, but highlights for $20 ain’t bad. I might even go for the ‘Body Souffle with Green Clay’ because if you add ‘souffle’ to any title, it must be good. They should never have let me take the menu home. 


Alas, my stay in India is coming to an end, which, of course, leaves me contemplating the meaning and purpose of my visit in the greater context of my life’s journey. So far, I got nothing. I’ve worked a little for no wage, become ill in every way possible, and barely managed to post to this blog once a week. I haven’t even rested successfully.

I have spent a great deal of time absorbing information and thinking too much, as per my usual routine; and, as per usual, have not arrived at any conclusions except that I should spend less time thinking. In fact, my time would be better spent learning the rules of cricket, so I can hold my own in current World Cup conversations. PS, call me American, but I still think baseball is better; our pitchers don’t need a running start.

In the two months that I’ve been here, I’ve hardly been out of the village. I’ve seen a lot of backpackers coming and going, little Benaulim but a tiny dot on their mapped pilgrimage, but all I need is an iced coffee at Dinha’s to convince me to stay. Here are a few other reasons:

Accessibility to this, my toilet, where I know I will not be disturbed and there will always be toilet paper. Next to the ceiling fan, this is my lifeblood.

Sharing my hair with Mikey Man.