Thursday, August 18

away from my desk

Hi, you've reached the OneArmGirl blog. I'm away from my desk right now and, unfortunately, a decent keyboard layout. So, until I get my hand on one, you'll have to be satisfied with this brief message because, what with all the manure and karaoke I've had to deal with this past week, I ran right out of time to write a post.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Steve Jobs, who should be happy to explain why the iPad2 does not support the Dvorak Right Hand layout and when there might be a system upgrade. Feel free to lodge a complaint.

...Or you can contact this stuffed rabbit, who will be acting manager in my absence.

I apologize for the above foray into nerdiness. I've had a technology overhaul this past week the likes of which haven't been seen since my last year in college when I got my first mobile phone. I'm a little tired.

Hey, even girls with one arm deserve a vacation now and then.