Thursday, April 17

in the works

Something came up this week that I can't help mentioning here. You may remember that I got to meet one of my contemporary heroes last fall when I visited Manhattan...Heidi Latsky, the artistic director of Heidi Latsky Dance. The very same called this week to say she'd like me to be in her movie.

On Monday, the New York Times announced that Ms. Latsky is the first of three choreographers chosen to participate in a dance and short film project funded by the Carnegie Mellon Foundation. Her film will be called "The Beauty of Dance: Redefining Virtuosity Through Dance."

Multi-tasking with drying jeans, Keeper and Dragon Boy
Lest you think I am in the habit of scouring the Times for the latest in the Manhattan dance scene, know that it was Heidi herself who informed me of this fact.

I am thrilled; just that something like this is happening, regardless of my participation. Even though she wants me to be a part of the project, Heidi is not sure flying me to New York is in the budget. But I have a feeling it's gonna work out, one way or another.

I went to rehearsal last night with renewed energy and we pounded out the last connecting bits of our fabric double--and I didn't even fart in Zach's face this time. I'm hoping to record a version of our piece that I can send to Heidi tonight. 

In processing this news, I found an article that Heidi wrote some time back in connection with TED Talks. Thought I'd share it because I really identify. You can click here to read it.

Or, you can go sip a cup of tea and relax for me.