Thursday, September 27


Hello. Remember me? It's the self-titled, physiologically misleading as it may be, OneArmGirl.

I'm back from a self-inflicted hiatus from regularity, including any and all blogging––just in case you worried that I was cheating on you with another demographic––and you can probably tell that I am sorely out of shape.

Where did I go, you ask? Scaring small children and drinking lots of coffee, what else? I'm keeping the rest of the story to myself because I like to pretend my life is that important, and I must protect my private life from my own celebrity. Just go with it. After all, I might have just been hiding under my bed for the past two weeks.

I will tell you I've been reading Tina Fey's Bossypants, so if my writing seems extra snarky, that may be why. I was delighted to learn in one of the chapters, that Tina also found a crude comment about herself on a bodybuilding networking site (aka hub for men with big egos and little...). If you'll recall, yours truly found similar remarks (these guys aren't that creative) about herself on a similar site.

So, of course, I concluded that I too must be a famous comedic writer. There is a big part of me that wants very badly to do improv. Surely there is a troupe out there needing a one-armed girl with a solid sense of can contact my agent (ahem, me) at No bodybuilders, please.

Regarding the aforementioned internet rudeness, I'm happy to report that Tina took the high road and refrained from responding to the unsolicited remarks...until she dedicated a whole chapter to it in her book. Or is that she who laughs last...?

Well, here's to many many more,,,