Thursday, July 26

sugary suggestion

After a couple of hard-hitters, I figured we could use a good dose of superficial silliness. And thanks to Mountain Guy's interesting choice of breakfast this morning, here it is...

Yes, folks, on the back of a Sour Patch Kids candy box, you may note that one of these kids has bitten off the arm of the other kid (so proven by the green dots falling from his mouth). So, not only are we unsure what happened to all the sour patch parents, as one comedian noted, we can also now prove that they are cannibals. Maybe the mystery of missing sour patch parents has been solved...

But cannibalism aside, MG thought it was mighty coincidental that it was Green Patch's left arm that got munched. My man thought of me. How sweet, huh?

I think, though, that we can take several lessons from this:

One, it pays to look a little more closely at the candy we eat; you never know what sort of subversive messages they may be sending. Is there nothing sacred? Now our gummy candies are violating one another? What's next? Massacred Milk Duds? To this I say, "Dude, seriously?!"

And two, there are really so many avenues for spreading disability awareness.

Happy snacking,