Thursday, October 7

to tide you over...

This is the end of a story. For the beginning of the story, please tune in sometime in the near future, when I have a minute to actually spend some quality time with my computer. We had a hay situation arise this week at the farm, so I've spent the morning pulling bales of fresh hay off a truck (quite enjoyable) and getting hit on by one of the delivery guys (slightly less enjoyable). Now I am off to the City....of the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi (and that's just the part I remember)...or, as we locals say, Santa Fe.

So, who knows what may transpire between now and when I next post; perhaps two or three more stories...


PS. If this delay in your Thursday post has significantly inconvenienced you, please feel free to take it up with our PR department. They will be more than happy to give you a free six month subscription to this blog. ;)

Tuesday, October 5

thank you thank you thank you...thank you

It's October. That means the OneArmGirl has been writing for five months! Can you believe it? She's faithfully posted once a week since May, even that one week she went on vacation to Montana and had to drive 500 miles and battle a moose to get to the closest internet cafe. Ok, so it's never been that hard. But still, we here at OneArmGirl Headquarters would like to take a moment to step back, contemplate the results, consider all the silliness and internet space wasted (goodness, I hope we're not running low), and be amazed. We never thought we could do it. Least of all, me, the OneArmGirl...though talking about myself in the third person and the plural was an unanticipated side effect. Has me a little concerned, actually.

But I digress. I logged on this here crazy train because I want to say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who decided to join this adventure with me, to check in, to read what I thought might only interest my mother, and to leave comments which mean the world to someone for whom, some days, the most exciting thing that happens is a trip to Walmart for toilet paper. I
couldn't do it without you. Really.

Inexplicably, I now have 27 followers, a responsibility I take very seriously, if only I knew what it meant. And there are others of you who drop by faithfully, though invisibly. I understand, I recently signed up for alerts from a beauty store I infrequent, and regretted it the very next time I logged into my email.

Most of my readers are in the USA, understandably. But my international audience is growing as well, as I happ
ily discovered this week when I finally learned how to check my blog statistics. The second largest group peers across the pond from the United Kingdom; and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my sadly out-of-shape wit, which I know is a national pastime there. And third, to my genuine consternation, with a whopping 115 page views, is Germany. Not sure how I got so popular there, but I'm pretty sure David Hasselhoff is involved. So here's a shout out to my ancestral homeland, or materland...or something...unfortunately language abilities do not come with genes.

South America and Africa, you may want to step it up a bit. India is making you look bad. What? You're too busy fighting hunger and civil unrest? Oh. Ok.

But I would like to conclude this excessively verbose expression of appreciation with an invitation. If it weren't for your comments and feedback, I'm sure I wouldn't still be here today. Really, I'm not that committed; I don't find myself that entertaining. And so, because I'm here because you are here, it seems only fair that this blog be at your service. And I need you to help me to make it that way. I want to hear more from you....what you like, what you'd rather never see again, w
hat you want to know more about...How does a one-armed girl....? You fill in the blank.

I wake up with myself every day, and quite frankly, I'm bored. I have no idea why you people find me so interesting. Help me out. You say jump and I'll say, "How high? Are you out of your ever-loving mind?!" But if at all possible, I'll do it for you, because I love you, and because you validate my unorthodox vocational choices.

Leave me a comment, or, if you'd rather send feedback privately, you can email If you think this is a desperate cry for affirmation, well, I'll admit, it's a nice side effect.


PS. If you're freaking out because it isn't Thursday, un-bunch your tighty whiteys, this was just a public service announcement...