Thursday, May 9


Something is happening; it's just not something that I expected or even saw coming.

After mentioning to my aerial arts instructor that I'd love to be a part of the Heidi Latsky sort of exploration of disability through dance, she suggested that I join the AirDance New Mexico company for a performance.

[My jaw is still on the floor]

And I've suddenly found myself attending company rehearsals and writing things like 'call' and 'matinee' in my calendar. Yet, it feels startlingly natural.

I'm partnered with Kirsten who broke her wrist at the beginning of the year and was forced to explore the fabrics one-handed.

She demonstrates the results to me as she glides across the floor, holding the fabric in her toes. The effect is a simple, but marvelous billowing of color flowing behind her like the fin of a tropical fish.

We play together, testing ways of hanging and moving, imagining new ways to use our bodies, pushing the limits of ability.

We have seven more rehearsals, including some additional to the whole company. At this point, our piece is mostly a bunch of possibilities. We still need to lasso and order our imagination, which seems to grow exponentially when allowed free range. This is the most difficult, yet essential part of creating.

When I'm not tired and sore, I'm bubbling over with excitement. This is a dream come true. Given the opportunity, I knew immediately that I would put aside all other current pursuits.


I generally assume everything I want will be hard to achieve. But the reality is that most of the greatest things in my life were handed to me at the least expected hour, usually when I've all but given up. And oftentimes all I had to do was ask.

This week at the Friar luncheon for the homeless [I feel 'luncheon' adds a certain flair that 'lunch' could never pull off], one of our regular customers, a fit older guy, approached me at the drink station and said, "I really like your little arm."

I couldn't have put it better myself.


For those who are interested: the upcoming show will be a one-time matinee on Saturday, June 15, at 2pm. Arrive in plenty of time because it's a small space, and when they sell out, that's it. Visit AirDance NM for more details.