Thursday, October 18

dog days of fall

Once again, I've acquired a pooch. But this one might actually be a keeper. In fact, for the intents and purposes of this blog, I think I'll call her Keeper. She actually goes by another name, but we can't let the CIA find her.

And from whence does she come? I recently attended a friend's thirtieth birthday party. When I first knew this friend, he was barely twenty, now he's married with two kids. He'd also adopted a dog in the intervening years.

As soon as I met her, I liked her. "I like your dog," I said. "You want her?" they said. Apparently two children under the age of four doesn't leave much time for the dog.

Keeper is the offspring of a purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd and some mongrel with whom she rendezvoused. Needless to say, her breeders were not amused. Keeper, and all her brothers and sisters, ended up in the dog orphanage....uh, pound. But sometimes accidents end up being the best dogs.

So, yesterday began a trial stay. We took most of the day getting to know one another, walking, taking a nap, watching know, all the things I want to do with a dog rather than on my own.

When she was a wee pup, she contracted parvovirus, which is generally lethal to puppies. But she's a survivor. I like that.

Like every survivor, however, she's not escaped unscathed. She's very shy and timid with people and dogs she doesn't know. Last night's foray to the park almost gave both of us an anxiety attack.

So we're working on trust. I have a dream that one day my dog will go everywhere with me, riding shot gun (preferably in a '40s Chevy truck), my wishes her command. I don't believe dogs should be possessions, but partners.

Of course, talk to me next week, and I may be muttering obscenities about the whole situation. I guess that's what trials are for; hopefully we can both overcome.


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