Thursday, July 4

three-legged chihuahua on the 4th of july

A happy 4th of July to all...well, all citizens of the United States. To the rest of my readers around this great globe, a very happy Thursday...unless it's already Friday...Oh, never mind.

In the mood for change, I almost bought a car last week. This week, I cavorted with Little Gen to paint one of the kitchen walls orange. But this has only wet our appetite for wall color. The bathroom is well under way, and Little Gen's room is next.

Keeper the dog took a victory lap around the park today when we met up with Chewy the three-legged chihuahua. This after she'd been running along side my bike for the better part of a half hour. She tried to play with Chewy, but he was not particularly in the mood to do more running (or walking, for that matter) than was necessary. Can't say I blame him.

Later today, I plan to join a pool party. I'm bringing the watermelon. I'm going to chop it all myself...or maybe I'll wait till I get there and let someone else do it.

If you know me, then you know I'm not particularly patriotic, but this country is vast, varied and beautiful, and I love it like one can only love one's own home.

I don't think freedom is a right, but I'm enjoying the privilege of having the money to buy paint, any color I want.

To that I'll raise a tiny flag with my tiny arm.