Thursday, December 27

post christmas

Even though it seems I've done nothing this week, it appears I've run out of time to write a proper post. So here is a taste of what I've been doing instead...

Here in the southwest, we light candles and stick them in sand-weighted paper bags. Don't ask.

But they do look kinda pretty. And I think they are the best Christmas tradition ever.

Earlier that day, Keeper and I took a hike by the river to collect the aforementioned sand. I filled my backpack, while Keeper kept a lookout for park rangers.

Major props to Little Gen, who hand folded one hundred paper lunch sacks for the cause. Again, Keeper was busy keeping a lookout for...pretty much anything.

Then this happened.

At some point in time, I ate these delicious pancakes.

And Keeper took a nap.

Hope you did as little as I did this year. See you in the next...