Tuesday, May 25

jumping in

Hello. I was born with curly hair and one arm.

How was that? You have no idea how much I have analyzed, stressed about and re-wrote that introduction in my head. Just getting to this point has been a journey of anticipation, fear, coming to the brink, then retreating under my various waterfowl down pillows. I couldn't afford the pure goose down.

So, this is how it begins, my very first blog ever. Even now I am filled with trepidation, overwhelmed by the impending responsibility of regular updates. I am a writer, but the kind that has to come very close to self-inflicted spatula whippings to actually get up in the morning and open a word processing document. So, welcome to my blog. I have high hopes that it will be a place of enticement amidst the throng; I am fully aware that EVERYONE has a blog, and that fact alone nearly kept me out of the ring. But I feel it's worth a shot, to push beyond my fears of losing my presently non-existent readership, because I enjoy writing for other people, even imaginary ones. That, and I really need an excuse to cancel my Facebook account.

Back to the one arm thing. I was born with one arm, and I've repeated that explanation so many times over the years, I was hardly thinking about what I was saying anymore; it just became a cursory necessity to meeting new people. It took me 25 years to realize it was actually interesting, that people had other questions, like "How do you put on deodorant?" (please see the above) Stuff I just took for granted. My friend Joey told me, "I think people don't talk about your arm cause they think you don't know."

So, I started talking about it, and writing about it, me and my life, one arm and whatever else came up. I hope this blog will carry on the flame; become a place where curiosity runs rampant, and discovery is an everyday kind of thing. If you'd like, come along for the ride.

And now, for my own commitment phobias, I hereby promise to update this blog at least once a week; perhaps more, but I like to set expectations well within my ability. I also promise a politically correct free zone; respect all people and ask whatever you want. Let's just try to keep gratuitous cussing to a minimum; I have nothing against the well-used curse word. Agreed?

Ok, then. Let the blogging begin.




  1. You've always been one of my favorite plucky people. And now you've gone and uber-pluckied it by posting that awesome pic about deodorant application (note: I never once thought of that). I hope you have a long, glorious, deliciously unidextrous presence in the blogosphere. And don't run away!

  2. I think you should post a video of how you tie your shoes :)

  3. I am thrilled to come along for the ride! You are a fantastic writer and so glad you are willing to share your insights.

  4. Oh man, just when I thought you couldn't be more fun, creative and real you go and start a blog! I look forward to reading your thoughts on this bloggy journey. Love you!

  5. May I suggest you host this blog on a real server with a domain name minus the blogspot bit? If you write regularly, your blog is going tp get big...seriously. listen to me.

  6. Hi Tosha! You are a great writer! Awesome. Guess what? I'm going to Costa Rica in a few months, I decided, since I have been getting a bit stronger, and I have been in bed for years. . . I'm finally going to do something.

    Danny Mae

  7. Talkie,
    I thought I posted a comment here early this morning but it seems that I've posted to cyber space instead. I really have NO idea what I'm doing except I know that the Treasury is very interested in what the First Addition has to say!
    I am sooo tickled and delighted with you! Sharing your incredible gifts with us!

    I want to remind you that your little arm has been a source of envy for a long time....Once upon a time you, your sisters, Nichole and Danielle were all sitting at my kitchen table. As we prepared to thank the Lord for the meal, we linked hands. Danielle got to hold the little hand and when we finish our prayer she sighed and said "I sure I tan have a little hand." In her 2 year old vocabulary sure and wish were interchangable.
    ILY and ILY