Tuesday, August 3


A local news story recently reported that Thursday is the worst day of the week. This, according to statistics gathered from Twitter, was the finding deduced from a rise in negative tweets on that day.

While it’s comforting to know that Twit
ter is now the standard for sociological research, I was shocked to learn that Thursdays are getting such a bad rap. In recent conversations with friends (also for statistical research data), I decided that Thursday is actually my favorite day of the week. There may be nothing special about Thursday, but that’s just it, it’s non-intrusive and unassuming. Monday is the first work day, Tuesday is almost worse, Wednesday means you have just as much yet to do...and the weekend always has way too much going on. Thursday is quiet, but not too early to go out and celebrate the upcoming weekend without a band that makes you have to yell, “I’m just going to the restroom, but then let’s continue our discussion of ethics in the Yuan Dynasty, back in a sec,” or when that fails, even louder, “I HAVE TO PEE!”

I really shouldn’t care since I don’t work a normal work week anyway, but I only believe in watching the new
s if you can actually make a difference, take an action besides going to bed angry. And so, we here at OneArmGirl would like to announce that new posts to this blog will be published on Thursday each week (except when they aren't given my critical need for rest and play time). In so doing, we hope to raise the ratings on Thursday, and give it the place of honor it deserves. And when you get the Thursday Blues, just think, ‘Oh yeah, OneArmGirl post today!‘ I’m sure it will get you through.

Wishing you had just drawn one of those ‘skip two spaces’ cards and today was Thursday? Good. My PR campaign is already working, but alas, it is merely Tuesday.

Now, excuse me, but I have to go tweet


Note of Clarification: Lest last week’s post seem harsh or coldhearted, I very much appreciate the protection of friends and the reticence of strangers to make fun of disability. I do not enjoy the teasing of strangers, nor do I support that kind of disrespect. Contrarily, I believe having fun in the right context only builds true acknowledgement and respect for all people. Thanks, Mikey Man, for reigning me in. =]