Monday, July 4

Don't know about your local, but here in the dry, fire-ridden Southwest, hopes for fireworks are a bit hampered this year. So as I sit indoors, encased in air-conditioning, I would like to wish you a very happy 4th of July. Or for you non-Americans, just another day. Wherever your day takes you, may it be filled with merriment and plenty of shade.  As mentioned above, I will not be going anywhere without air-conditioning.

But if you have a moment between your coffee and a piƱa colada, I would like to ask a question. What do you want to know about OneArmGirl? I do my best to offer a well-rounded view of life here at OAG, but living here, it's hard to know what I've left out. Are there holes in my story? Have I mentioned something that you want 'fleshed out' as we writers say.

This is wide open, folks. Feel free to ask anything that tempts your curiosity, from 'How do you feel about online dating?' to 'Have you ever actually slapped someone with your little arm?' I may not, of course, answer all your questions here on the blog, but I need your help. Please help me.

Send all inquiries to Let's juice it up!



  1. Have you ever slapped anybody, like even with a wet noodle? Doesn't seem like you, but do tell...

  2. Ah, and I wanna know more about the book. Both the writing/process and the wings/processing of it.

    Have you ever slapped anybody with a book?

  3. I'll bet the reduction in fireworks comes as no disappointment to a lot of dogs in your area. Hmmm...maybe the dogs have been starting the fires, as part of a cunning plan to get rid of fireworks?

    Ever slap anyone with a wet dog?

  4. Actually now that you mention it, she DID slap a wet dog with a firework once when we were about eight. I witnessed it. Was an ugly incident.

  5. You people are having entirely too much fun with this...wet-dog-slapping-fireworks are no laughing matter.

  6. Rachel, d'you mean that episode with the damp squib and the al dente poodle? I heard about that...terrible!

    And which arm was involved, big or little?

  7. That's the one Grant. Both were involved, though Finnaes was the instigator.

    I hear the linguine poodle joined the witness protection program and reappeared as a chihuahua called Clover.

    Boy, will this comment thread teach OAG to ask for reader input...

  8. I should never have introduced you two.