Monday, September 10

closing ceremony

It's the last day of the Paralympics, and it's the first day that I started to feel adjusted to this environment.

On our way to a service at St. Paul's Cathedral, Dad and I ran across the Paralympic Marathon. Dad was impressed by the public support shown to athletes with a disability.

"It's amazing," he said.

Then, over lunch, he said I should get onto the track and run. "They'd clap for you, they wouldn't care." I considered this, but decided I don't have the nerve.

I spent the afternoon at the British library, where I took the above (likely illegal) photo of an exhibit dedicated to London 2012. Athletics king, Oscar Pistorius running on blades is center, having competed in the Olympic games and Paralympic Games this year. But if you know anything about Paralympians, you know Pistorius.

Had a mossy lunch seated on gravestones outside St. Paul's. No offense to those encased.



  1. Hooray for the British Library! And everyfink else!

    How wonderful that you could be there for the 'greatest games ever, ever, ever.'