Thursday, July 10

an apologetic post

I am so behind in posting that it's started to hang like a guilty haze just behind my ears. I fall asleep wondering if I will write the next day.

So here I am, ready to post. Ready or not, here I post?

There's been a lot going on, though I'm sure, on the spot, I couldn't tell you what. Summer is in full tilt and I'm just trying to hold my own against the centrifugal force.

Did I mention painting the living room?
I feel like daily tasks are just whirling around me. If it's not exercising the dog, planning a riding lesson, washing the dishes (how are there so many dishes?) or watering my sun-wilted plants, it's something else.

This week, my dad came into town and I got sick (simultaneous but not correlated). Nevertheless, we're making the best of it: walking the acequia path with Keeper the dog, having beers with monks while discussing theology, taking afternoon naps.

So, while my brain is flustered, let's do a long-overdue segment of Ask OneArmGirl. This is where you (my long-suffering readers) get a chance to ask me a question, or two, or three. What would you like to know about me, my life, or the one-armed life in general. Perhaps you've been wondering about a sometime regular character who has not recently appeared on this blog. No question is off limits, though my answer may be limited.

What do you want to know? Leave your question in the comments and I will dedicate a shortly upcoming post to answering them.


*Mom, if no one asks a question, you are required to do so...


  1. I enjoyed your comment about having beers with monks while discussing theology. My oldest cousin, then a monk, bought me my first and second beers in a restaurant while we talked about theology and Lewis Carroll. We were celebrating my 17th birthday, but who would question a man of the cloth and two Yale professors about my age?

    I did have a question for you. Did you ever try using a 1-Up hair tie to help do a ponytail? I think I may have mentioned it before in some ancient post. I have a friend who likes them a lot.

    Did I get mom off the hook?

  2. I was wondering if your engineers ever came up with a pony-tail contraption?

  3. Sorry this is late for the Q&A, but perhaps you'll include it in the next one? 1. Can you ride a bike/scooter? Are there any ways to make the handlebars more convenient? 2. How do you deal with the kids who are more than usual annoying/persistent in their questions? I recently met a little girl who not only repeated her "why one arm" question a hundred times, but also called to all her friends across the playground. I handled it in a mean-ish way, and am wondering whether there's a better one.