Monday, July 28

tying my shoe

Per a recent request, here is a short video of OneArmGirl tying the laces of her hiking sneaker...

Hope you found that enjoyable. There are actually several variations on this, involving my mouth, Finneas, and sitting down, but I'll save that for another segment of Ask OneArmGirl. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I think these are one of maybe two pairs of shoes that I own with laces. My closet is full of slip-ons.

[Note Keeper the Dog's close attention to the proceedings. She could care less how I tie my shoes as long as it means we are going out for a walk.]


  1. Quite a feat! But, I can see why you prefer slip-ons. Also, hilarious how Keeper kept photo bombing your video!

  2. I cann't find the video on YouTube. :-(

    1. I actually did not post this video on YouTube, but you can view it on my Facebook page for OneArmGirl.