Thursday, July 7

but what does it mean?

I would first like to set the record straight by announcing, much to the amusement of at least two of you, that I have never slapped any one or thing for any reason, though I imagine it's never too late. And as Joey so famously said, "It only takes one arm..."

More importantly, my lovely and dear Boo, friend and former roommate, is shortly moving thousands of miles from me to the Northeast, where her equally lovely husband is going to school. This is a much lamented event in my life. So much so, that I was forced to drink two beers and a glass of wine just to make it through our last evening together, at some point in the duration of which I may or may not have been sitting on her lap. 

And so, in respectful salute to this separation, I here publish a magazine clipping that Boo cut out once upon a time when she was scrap-booking our six months of living together.

I can tell you from experience that if someone scrapbooks time spent with you, then gives the scrapbook filled with memorable journal entries and funny clippings to you as a gift, it is love indeed. But when I saw this clipping, I knew beyond a doubt that Boo and I will forever be soulmates (is that redundant?)

But what does it mean? I've been entranced and disturbed and curious for several weeks now, pondering the significance of the above. Admittedly, I have some far-fetched ideas about things, but I feel as though I could spend the next six months just staring at this, pondering its wacky significance. But I don't have that kind of time...So I ask you, dear peruser of this ridiculous blog, what does it mean?

Or should I say, what does it mean to you? ;)



  1. I was just digging the suspenders! And how often does one meet a one armed girl, much less a one armed mannequin? Ha-I love this pic! I will miss you much! Hopefully the populace of Massachusetts will provide me with plenty of noteworthy texting material. ;)

  2. Happy travels Boo! What a lovely gift. OAG - don't slap anybody with it, okay?

  3. Not sure, but could the arm be much more inappropriately positioned?

  4. LOL @ Summerrains. I think they are checking to see that no-one is looking so they can do whatever the arm is poised to do...

    The image raises way too many questions: Why is he holding her arm? Is it her original arm or is it a fake one? Did he remove it, or is he about to re-attach it? Is it still called a prosthesis if it's for a fake woman? If she has both the proverbial belt and braces (suspenders), why are her pants *still* riding so low? Is it bad form to post a comment longer than the original blog post?

  5. i have to admit, I don't really like that cut out....